Top 5: Ways to make your dorm room home

Even with the nice rooms and spaces that Truman State University has to offer, dorm rooms can feel a bit impersonal. These five suggestions can help make on-campus housing your home away from home.

5. Rug: Rugs are inexpensive ways to spice up a room without taking up too much space. They are also great for keeping your floor warmer in the winter and softening the outdoor carpet that is standard in Truman dorm rooms.

4. Wax warmer: Although candles aren’t allowed in the dorms, wax warmers are a great way to keep your room smelling fresh. With so many different scents to try, you’re bound to find one that both personalizes your space and expresses your individuality.

3. Throw blanket: Air conditioning units can be tricky to figure out in dorm rooms, especially if roommates have different ideas of a comfortable room temperature. A throw blanket that shows your personality and keeps you cozy is the perfect addition to make your bed and room yours.

2. Posters: Although there isn’t a ton of wall space in a standard dorm room, posters are a great way to eliminate those plain walls and share your interests with your roommates and guests. Whether you choose a full-size poster or miniatures for the built-in bulletin board on your desk, you’re bound to find something that sparks your interest.

1. Collage of family and friends: The thing that I missed most as a freshman were my family and friends. A collage that can be hung up on the wall like a poster is the perfect way to have many pictures of loved ones in one space and is a cool piece of wall art that is completely unique to you. If you don’t feel particularly artsy, you can tack up whole pictures on a bulletin board or use an online calendar maker to remind you of family and friends you can’t wait to see on break