What your hall choice says about you

If you’re an incoming freshman at Truman State University, the housing process can be a stressful ordeal. As your first (and certainly not last) existential college decision, the residence hall you choose has implications far beyond where you live, eat and sleep. Whether you did extensive research or opted for random selection, here are some of the things your hall choice might say about you.


Ryle Hall

Ryle Hall’s wide array of luxuries might explain its popularity among freshmen and transfer students alike. With a dining area, spacious common area, game room, piano and more, this larger hall has lots to offer in amenities as well as student life. The hall’s convenience and recreation makes your decision practical yet adventurous, ensuring a whale of a good first year. 


Centennial Hall

Like Ryle, Centennial Hall’s multitude of services makes it a common choice for new Truman students. The building does come with one notorious catch: no central air conditioning. What this hall lacks in A/C, however, it makes up for with a cool and friendly atmosphere. Students picking Centennial are known for their resilience against seasonal heat as well as their appreciation of classic banana shenanigans. 


Missouri Hall

Although its shape might say otherwise, the fun you’ll have in communal living comes with no asterisk. Lounge (and bathroom) bonding makes for a friendly dynamic that keeps MO residents coming back year after year. Those close-knit community vibes might look a little more distanced this semester, but those who choose Missouri Hall are still capable of connecting with fellow moosen no matter the circumstance. 


Blanton-Nason-Brewer Hall

What are a pirate’s favorite letters of the alphabet? B-N-B! Buccaneers are known for their fun-loving yet determined mindsets that create an exciting energy for all who live there. With rich learning communities combined with Greek housing, you’ll have a variety of hall mateys to help their peers paddle through no matter how rough the waters. Sometimes college might feel like a wreck, but once you experience Blanton-Nason-Brewer’s waves of excitement, you’ll never want to jump its ship. 


Dobson Hall

Is it getting toasty in here or is it just Dob? Dobson residents have long been famous for their abilities to heat up any situation — often by forgetting to put water in their easy mac. Frequent fire evacuations aside, this hall has several other hot features that set it apart from the rest. For example, you can enjoy rooming with your pet and residing just a few steps away from one of Truman’s two C-stores. Speaking of hot, if you contract a fever you’ll get to live upstairs … but if you really want to live in Dobson, just stay healthy and make friends with your fellow toasters


West Campus Suites

Various halls on campus might have attached bathrooms, but with West’s additional living area and greater roommate capacity you’ll truly be able to savor the suite life. This uniquely connected style offers just the right amount of shared space and privacy, allowing those who choose this dorm to balance both community building and personal development. West Campus residents can appreciate the luxuries within their hall but also tend to be found at nearby buildings such as the Student Recreation Center, Centennial Hall or the Student Union Building. Wherever you spend your time as a wolf, however, you’re sure to have a howling great time. 


Campbell & Randolph Apartments

While not exactly the same as dorm living, Truman’s apartment complexes provide similar conveniences and community values to their larger hall counterparts. The feeling of off-campus freedom combined with on-campus comfort makes it an ideal living location for transfer students and incoming upperclassmen. Those choosing University apartments understand the advantages of more independent college living, while also knowing that potential pals are just a few doors away. 


Wherever you choose to reside this semester, all of us here at The Index would like to welcome you to our full campus community!