Why is Iowa Important?

With the Iowa caucuses happening every four years in January, news coverage only starts around the end of December and ends normally a couple of days after the event. Many of the Iowa caucus-goers believe their spot in the primaries is important for many reasons. 

When asked about why Iowa is important, many of the caucus-goers had different opinions. Patrick France, a student from Washington University of Virginia, mentioned how being the first in the country is a big deal. He said it is important because candidates have to come out to Iowa, and the number of visits they have had throughout the year matters.

Tyler Dunker, a caucus-goer who attended a Vivek Ramaswamy rally, mentioned how it is important because it gives a small sample of what the overall country may think. 

“Heartland people, we express our opinions, and that does have influence,” Dunker said. “It helps to winnow the field.” 

Caucus-goer Emily Schettler agreed the caucus helps to winnow the field. She expressed how whoever goes first will have that job to do, but she also understands that Iowa might not always be the first. 

“Iowa has done a pretty good job over the years, but I know fellow Iowans would probably hate for me to say this, but I also understand the argument against it,” Schettler said.

While others like Schettler may see why Iowa may not be first for long, other Iowans think it should stay the same. Caroline Lynner, an Iowan who has gone to every caucus since she could remember, thinks that Iowa wants to do the caucus like they have done it every year. 

“It’s very democratic in a certain way, and it’s been lovely, it’s neighbors talking to neighbors. Agreeing and disagreeing but we attracted a media storm when the fact we just are plain old ordinary Iowans having discussions,” Lynner said.