Small Artist Spotlight: Tank Jr.

If you’re searching for a boost of vibrant energy in your life, look no further than Tank. Jr, a hardcore artist based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Tank Jr. creates an atypical sound that almost veers into being unpleasant. However, this isn’t to say the music isn’t worth listening to, and, on the contrary, the abrasive, harsh, and dynamic sounds provide the optimal amount of premium brain-scratches.

Looking at her discography across various platforms, you’ll hear anything from headache-inducing hardcore to exhilarating breakcore. If you’ve never delved into these sub-genres, steel yourself for a bit of a shock. It’s the auditory equivalent of putting battery acid in a blender with a handful of loose screws and sour candy and drinking the entire concoction in one chug. In other words, there are a lot of very loud, electronic, fast-paced noises wrapped together in a production style emphasizing the intensity and a myriad of sampling. Even so, Tank Jr. isn’t limited to just this style of bass-boosted banger. For instance, the album “Works” showcases proficiency in the footwork genre, a variety of house music that draws inspiration from hip-hop. No matter the genre, her songs will make your neurons light up like a string of fairy lights in the best way possible.

If you’re excited by these prospects but looking for a place to get started, Tank Jr.’s album, “AUTISM HOUSE,” is an absolute masterpiece. Every track is pure high-octane brain fuel that gets more addictive with every listen. It’s the perfect balance of hard and groovy, generating an immaculate vibe that makes it impossible not to cut loose. My personal favorites are “I LOVE CLUB MUSIC,” “ABLEISM COST ME MY JOB,” and “NOW YOU’VE DONE IT YOU FREAK S***.” Judging from the names, you’d probably guess they’re incredibly exuberant and perhaps eccentric. The entire album has the right amount of energy to be perfect background music for speed-writing that last-minute essay, doing those dishes you put off for far too long, or any other seemingly insurmountable task you need to hype yourself up to do. “AUTISM HOUSE” is overflowing with that exact type of hype.

In short, if you’re already a fan of EDM but want it to be ten times louder and a hundred times more thrilling, you’ll find a lot to adore. However, as much as I would love for everyone to listen and become obsessed like me, I recognize that this type of music isn’t for everyone. Give it a shot if you’re feeling adventurous, but proceed carefully if you don’t want to feel like your brain got factory reset. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.