Board of Governors discuss budget, Greenwood project finances

The Truman State University Board of Governors met Oct. 22 to review University operations and proposals.

The meeting was chaired by Sarah Burkemper, vice chair of the Board.

On-campus construction projects were reviewed during the Board of Governors meeting. The Pershing Building renovation project has begun. The project was reported to have spent $893,104. The total approved budget is $4,829,000. It was reported that the renovation is 20% complete.

Financial reports were also reviewed during the Board of Governors meeting. The University reported that $24.4 million was received from various grants that are to be used to mitigate the impact of the pandemic. $6.6 million was distributed to 2,800 students for food, housing and technology purposes. 

Revenue from tuition has decreased by 5.5% — $1.1 million — from the previous academic year. The number of students enrolled this fall semester is also 430 students less than last year.

The University was also reimbursed for various costs relating to the pandemic. Truman received $2.6 million to cover the costs of expenses such as converting existing facilities into socially distanced classrooms, emergency supplies and equipment, and student COVID-19 testing.

The University’s investments have also increased by $13 million to a total of $76.5 million. These investments include endowed, short-term, long-term, trusts and annuities. Most of the $13 million growth is centered in the endowed category.

The annual audit of the University was reported by RupertBrown LLP accounting firm.

A proposed bill in the United States Senate was also brought up because the University is mentioned in it, during President Sue Thomas’ President report. The bill includes $3.4 million in federal funding to finish the Greenwood Interprofessional Autism Center. The bill also includes $900,000 for the University to begin graduate programs in music therapy and vocational rehabilitation. It is also reported that Senator Roy Blunt has been supporting the bill.

The Board of Governors also received updates on the Summer Writing Initiative for New Grants, also known as SWING. They also received information about the MoExcels and GEER Grants programs.

The Advancement department also relayed information to the Board of Governors about their meetings held that same day.

Enrollment Management also shared updates with the Board of Governors during the meeting.

Highlights from recent events were also shared with the Board of Governors. These events include the Celebration of Faculty Scholarship, TruSolutions and Mid-Scream.