Board to replace Paino

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Truman State Board of Governors will spend the next few weeks deciding how to approach the search for a new president following University President Troy Paino’s resignation announcement last week.

The president did not violate the terms his contract because he announced his resignation more than two months in advance, according to the details of Paino’s contract. Sarah Burkemper, Board of Governors chair, says the next step for the Board is to decide how to handle the presidential selection process.

“I think what we will do now is get together to determine what our process will be,” Burkemper says. “There are many methods to approach [this]. We will start getting together to discuss what our process will be.”

Burkemper says the first part of determining the process is to establish a timeline for the search. She says the Board will share its timeline as soon as it is ready. Burkemper says the role of the Board is to keep everyone informed about the process of hiring a new president, including what the process will look like, the schedule of the search and if plans include an interim president.

Burkemper says the Board does not plan to meet again until April, but it will correspond through phone conferences in the meantime.

“We understand the most important role we have as a board is the hiring of a president, so I want to assure you that I am confident everyone on the Board takes this responsibility seriously.”

– Sarah Burkemper, Board of Governors chair

University Provost Susan Thomas says before everyone starts wondering who the next president will be, they need to think about what it is we want the next president to do.

“So before you decide who our potential people are to fill that role, you would first have to figure out what that potential job would be and what that potential person would have to do,” Thomas says. “I think what they need to do first is meet and talk about what does this mean for Truman, and what do we want the next president to be able to do?”

Thomas says after Paino leaves, the Capital Campaign and the Blueprint Teams will continue.

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