Updated: Campus loses power

Truman State lost power throughout a majority of campus around 11:30 pm yesterday, Nov. 8.

An Ameren worker services the substation between Dobson Hall and Blanton Nason Brewer Hall.

As of Nov. 9 12:50 am:

Workers from Ameren Missouri arrived at Truman to assess the problem at the substation between Blanton Nason Brewer Hall and Dobson Hall. A source from Ameren says it is still not clear exactly what caused the power outage, but to their knowledge it was not an animal.

The source says that power will be routed to campus using different substations in the area. Power should be restored within the next 30 minutes to an hour, says the source.

The source wishes to remain anonymous.

As of Nov. 9 12:30 am:

According to the Ameren website, 674 customers are currently without service. The outage area falls mainly in Adair Country, stretching from Willmathsville in the north to Gifford in the south. Kirksville falls in the center of the outage area.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 11.57.14 PM
Map from http://apps.ameren.com/outage/outagemap.aspx?state=MO

Most of the buildings without power are located within the main part of campus, including Missouri Hall, Dobson Hall, Blanton Nason Brewer Hall, Ryle Hall, Centennial Hall, the Student Union Building and Pickler Memorial Library. Additionally, outdoor lighting throughout campus has been lost. However, lighting and other services have been restored to most buildings through backup generators.

Many buildings off campus and throughout the Kirksville community are also without power.

Director of Residence Life Zac Burden says services other than just lighting have been impacted.

“We’re losing campus resources, like computer resources for internet,” says Burden. “[This is] impacting anyone wanting to do any studies tonight.”

Burden says the most important thing for students to do right now is remain calm.

“We’re asking everyone to just stay safe. If they’re staying inside, just keep calm. If they’re going outside, be very careful, because we don’t have any of our campus lighting up right now.”

Truman Media Network will provide further updates when more information becomes available.