Creating a network of dreams

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Delta Sigma Pi, Truman State’s business fraternity, unveiled a dream board last week as a way for students and faculty alike to share and network their aspirations.

Located in the upper floor of Violette Hall, the dream board is split into two sections — career/business and travel/personal — and is decorated with half-sheets listing people’s dreams. The half-sheets include a spot for people to share advice about how someone can accomplish their dream.

“It’s a good way to encourage people to do something different with their life,” says senior Jessica Bucci, Delta Sigma Pi vice president of professional activities. “I think people are sometimes afraid to dream, especially if it’s something they keep quiet or it’s something that’s not in line with their major.”

Bucci, who helped bring the dream board to campus, said the idea came from motivational speaker Mitch Matthews. She says Matthews came to Truman last semester to discuss BIG Dream Gathering, where students had the opportunity to post their dreams and receive feedback from the audience.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 4.27.07 PM
A student adds a goal to Truman State’s dream board. Students gathered last Wednesday for the unveiling of the board and to share their aspirations. Photo by Katey Stoetzel/TMN.

Bucci says if people don’t want their friends or professors to know what dreams they have, but still want advice, there are identification numbers available for people who want to be anonymous.

“People can go up to the board and read what their dream is and there’s a little section at the bottom where they can write responses to, either just positive, encouraging remarks, or they can leave their name and their email address for the dreamer to contact them to get more information,” Bucci says.

Although the board is located in the business wing of Violette Hall, Bucci says any and all majors can share their dreams on the board.

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