Election results: Leppanen, Schmidt win Student Government leadership

Student elections for Truman State University ended at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. Results were announced at noon.


The winners of the elections are as follows.


President and Vice President

  • President junior Keaton Leppanen, Vice President sophomore Deanna Schmidt


Senior Senator

  • Senior Sarah Holtmeyer


Student Senator

  • Freshman Sam Tillman
  • Freshman Adam Paris
  • Sophomore Kathleen Placke
  • Senior Joe Slama
  • Freshman Adam Barker
  • Freshman Caleb DeWitt
  • Sophomore Katie Alexander
  • Sophomore Caroline Costello
  • Sophomore Jared Kolok
  • Freshman Kaylee Jacobson
  • Freshman Rachel Holt
  • Sophomore Hannah Wissler


Student Representative to the FAC

  • Junior Sarah Connolly


FAC Chair

  • Junior Kristen Schepker


Ballot Issues

  • Yes on Athletic Fee Rules Change 1: “I support that beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year, the Athletic Fee may allocate up to 10% of short-term project funding to projects proposed by non-intercollegiate athletics, with the potential of an additional 5% of short-term project funding with a ⅔ approval vote of the Athletic Fee Accountability committee.”
  • Yes on Athletic Fee Rules Change 2: “I support that beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year, the Athletic Fee should keep 3% of the short-term project funding in reserve for any necessary additional funding of projects.”
  • Yes on Student Health Fee Change: “I support raising the Student Health Fee by $10 per semester, to total $37 per semester, to increase access to psychological and/or psychiatric care through University Counseling Services.”
  • Approval of changes to the Constitution of Student Government


Students can view the original ballot at vote.truman.edu.