German honor society returns

After a hiatus of more than a decade, Delta Phi Alpha, the national German honor society, has returned to Truman State.

German program coordinator Andrea Davis says Delta Phi Alpha first was chartered at Truman by Constance Reid during 1988. After Reid passed away during 2003, the organization dwindled away, Davis says. She says for a long time, there was no outlet where students could delve deeper into the German culture and language for a long time.

However, Davis says last semester temporary professor Emily Hackmann had the opportunity to restart DPA, with Truman’s Kappa Beta chapter. Davis says the prospect of hiring a new professor for a tenure line position created positive energy to renew the German program.

“We’re finally at a place where I can do something for them, not just give them the membership cards or the pin. I really want to help them channel what they’re doing and get involved in many things.”

– Andrea Davis, program director

She says DPA inducted 13 students during April 2015, but because three graduated last May, there are only 10 current DPA members. Because the organization currently has so few members, Davis says DPA will have an annual or biannual initiation. The next initiation is scheduled for the end of November.

Because it’s a national honor society, Davis says students involved in DPA will have lifetime membership. Davis says DPA has the same goals nationwide — to broaden, enhance and educate themselves about German culture on campus and beyond.

Davis says she thinks DPA is a wonderful opportunity for students to be involved outside the classroom. She says being part of an organization gives students pride in their accomplishments, which Davis says is very important for professional development.

For qualifications to join and more information from organization leaders read the rest on Issuu.