MAC to host social justice leadership conference

A picture of the Multicultural Affairs Center.
The Multicultural Affairs Center will host Truman State University's first ever Lavender Graduation Ceremony.

The Truman State Multicultural Affairs Center is working to organize a Social Justice Leadership Summit for the first time April 15-16.

The conference will be open to anyone and designed to educate people about social justice issues. Jerad Green, program coordinator for Multicultural Affairs, says this conference is particularly important because of the recent events at the University of Missouri.

Green says the tentative plans for the conference are to have a welcome reception the first night, where there will be a dinner and showing of “Out in the Night,” a movie about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities within the black community. Green says there will be workshops and presentations about social justice for students to attend the next day.

Green says the conference will be free this year and, if it is a success, the MAC will consider charging participants during the future. He says the event is being funded through the MAC’s budget and sponsorship.

Green says the purpose of this conference is to help students become global leaders in society through the pillars of inclusion, equity, sustainability and change.

“It’s a way to move Truman to that next level of leadership and get people thinking about the importance of social justice,” Green says. “It’s moving individuals from being aware that there are issues to developing the skills to create action.”

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Green says the MAC currently is looking for students to be part of the planning committee for this conference and to volunteer during the conference. He says anyone who wants to get involved with the planning committee can email him at

Anyone who wants to attend the conference will be able to register next semester, Green says. During that time, undergraduate students also can apply to present about social justice as part conference, he says.

This conference will be an extension of the MAC’s Diversity Leadership Retreat that takes place during the fall semester, Green says. It also will be following the Student Senate’s annual spring Diversity Week, Green says.

Green says while anyone can attend this conference, most of the workshops likely will target college students. He says there will be a diversity workshop for Truman faculty during January.

In addition to Truman students, Green says he is trying to promote the conference to students at universities throughout Missouri and in neighboring states. He says his goal is to have 150-200 students attend the conference.

“I think that anyone who comes will appreciate the benefits that they get from the conference,” Green says. “As college-educated individuals, you should be thinking about what’s going on in the world, who’s affected by it and what you’re doing to impact that, whether it’s conscious or unconscious. You will develop the skills and the knowledge to be a global leader in society. This is a great opportunity to learn more about social justice.”

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