Missouri Hall changes dining hours

This semester, Sodexo dining services is offering late night dining hours in Missouri Hall from 8 to 10 P.M. on Monday through Thursday of each week. With this change, Missouri Hall is no longer serving hot breakfast in an attempt to offset costs added with the new shift.

Missouri Dining Hall evening supervisor Maria Kaess says that the late night shift does not offer as large of a selection as the regular dinner hours, but typically includes pizza, hamburgers, a salad bar and different entree depending on the night. Kaess also said the popularity of late night dining is growing among students.

“It’s exciting to see our late night numbers kind of going up and the more people hear about it the more they come in,” Kaess says. “We definitely get a lot of the sports team types and musicians coming in after their practices. It’s been pretty exciting to see it start and build”.


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