New entrepreneurship club created

Although most people associate entrepreneurship with business or marketing, Truman State’s new club, Innovative Creative Entrepreneurship, wants to prove that it is a skill applicable to all students.

ICE president junior Anthony Hill said the main goal of ICE is to attract current Truman students of all majors and backgrounds to expand on Truman’s already substantial business reputation, as well as to encourage high school students to specifically seek out Truman for its programs and opportunities.

Hill said he wants to provide an outlet for and encourage people who are interested in entrepreneurship or who have creative ideas for issues they are passionate about. He said ICE specifically wants to give those who are interested the resources that will help them achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Hill said for those who want to be in the club, applications are due Sunday, and interviews will happen during the first week of February.

“A lot of businessmen and women … say ‘I wasn’t actually a business major to start with, I found out that this is just something I enjoy doing,’ and they could be either [communication] majors, history majors, a huge conglomerate of majors,” Hill said.

During the future, Hill said he would like to directly connect students in ICE to other entrepreneurial clubs across the United States, potentially building future connections and opportunities. He said there has been a recent push in Missouri and the rest of the Midwest for entrepreneurship.

Hill said the creation of ICE stemmed from Truman’s lack of a business club specifically suited for entrepreneurs. Hill said the club is open to all students regardless of major, so those who are not sure about going into business can still get a taste of what being an entrepreneur is like.

“If you ever thought, ‘Man, why hasn’t somebody, like, made this … this would make a really good product’ … that’s what ICE will be for,” Hill said.

To learn more about ICE, click here to read on Issuu or pick up the latest issue of The Index (pg. 9).