Pickler to undergo renovations

Pickler Memorial Library is set to undergo furniture replacements and electrical work this summer.

The slated improvements include making the first floor an area for collaborative work, buying tables and desks that will accommodate groups, and reworking old wiring to be more energy efficient.

Janet Romine, head of public services, says the main reason for the changes is students are using the library differently than they have in the past. Romine says Pickler has become a main spot for students to collaborate on assignments or meet to work as a group, and the library staff hopes to accommodate such activities.

Romine says Information Technology Services will move to the first floor, and the library will purchase more computers to facilitate group work. Romine says this will make the first floor a space for group work, while the upstairs will be a quieter area.

Richard Coughlin, dean of libraries and museums, says Truman already has adapted the library by adding areas on the first floor north of the cafe for groups of students to meet and collaborate on projects. Coughlin says the money for this came from donations raised last year to buy those units for groups to work in.

Coughlin says the library will receive new study desks to replace the ones currently on the second floor. The original study desks were covered with hard-to-clean cloth that students drew on, he said. The new desks will be easier to clean and hopefully will remain clear of graffiti, Coughlin says.

Dave Rector, vice president for administration, finance and planning, says the library also is benefiting from the energy efficiency work across campus. He says the library’s electrical and heating and cooling units will be revamped to be more energy efficient. Rector says funding for this project came from a $10 million loan from Bank of America.

Rector says the money saved during the next 10 years will cover the cost of the loan, after which Truman will save money and the environment, with the help of these adjustments.