Scholarships top priority for new fundraising campaign

Truman State University President Troy Paino publicly announced a $40 million fundraising campaign Oct. 9 at a press conference held in the Student Union Building. Of this goal, $25 million is set to be allocated for need and merit-based scholarships.

The campaign has been underway since July 1, 2013 in what Paino calls the “quiet phase.” During this stage of the campaign, Truman targeted potential donors to begin raising the required funds.

Paino reports that so far the campaign has raised over $24 million of its $40 million goal. The next step, he says, is targeting 10 strategic U.S. markets where many Truman alumni live, with the help of more than 100 volunteers who Paino says are currently being trained. These markets include territories around the Midwest as well as such areas as Denver and the Mid-Atlantic.

“We’ve set [fundraising] goals for those markets,” Paino says. “We have almost 60,000 living alumni and we have targeted those markets where we have concentrations.”

The campaign has set a goal of $10 million to benefit academic programs and faculty. What this means in practical terms, Paino says, is a focus on “high impact learning experiences” such as study abroad, internships, undergraduate research projects.

The campaign also includes a $2.5 million goal to benefit Truman Bulldog Athletics. Paino cited a new press box at Stokes Stadium as one potential project if the goal is met. Truman currently offers relatively small academic scholarships, and Paino says he hopes some of the funds allocated for athletics will go to scholarships .

Paino expects the campaign to be complete during June 2018 and expressed confidence that Truman alumni across the country would help to make the campaign a success.

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