Senate approves rule changes and creation of sexual assault committee

Student Government approved two new committees, created a new position, and discussed filling a student representative to the Truman State Board of Governors position last Sunday.

The committees and position are temporary for the school year unless they are passed by the student body during fall elections, in which case they will become standing positions for years to come.

Junior J.J. Dorrell, Student Government Vice President, says Student Government is hoping the representative will be a student who is interested in working to solve issues around campus. Dorrell says because it is a two-year position, Student Government is looking for a freshman or sophomore. He says following the application process, Student Government will select a panel of students, and the chosen representative will be appointed personally by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon.

Senior Molly Turner, Student Government President, says the two-year representative position is important because it provides a student voice for the highest governing body on campus. Turner said the application process is lengthy, but the position is a prestigious one.

“It’s a good position for people who want to get involved with Student Government that maybe don’t get in the election. For anyone that’s interested in being a part of Student Government this is a pretty big position and it’s very important for not only Student Government, but the Board of Governors.”

                   – Molly Turner, Student Government President

Turner says Student Government approved the new appointed position of Legislative Director. Turner says the responsibilities of this position will include researching bills passed at the state and national levels. She says recently passed bills have affected Student Government’s ability to enact changes students want to see on campus. Turner says the Legislative Director will help Student Government better understand laws that must be followed when making changes around campus.

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