Senior Tips: A Graduating Senior’s Checklist

Everyone graduating during May 2016 is working to pass their classes and make the most of their last weeks at Truman State. Here is everything graduating seniors need to do to make sure they are able to graduate.

  1. Complete the graduation clearance form: Through TruView, students can make sure they are cleared with the University to graduate. To view the list, sign in to Truview, then click the Student tab. Navigate to Student, Student Data, Registration, then Apply to Graduate/Graduation Clearance Form. The graduation application should already be completed, and if it is not completed, fill it out immediately. The clearance form shows a list of what you need to do to graduate. This list includes senior testing, clearing holds and paying the graduation fee. Each item on the list must be completed by April 23 to be eligible to graduate. If students have any questions, Registrar Maggie Herron says they should email her office at with the subject line “Graduation questions.”
  2. Attend the graduation fair: April 12 or 13, students should plan to attend the graduation fair for about 30 minutes from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the SUB Activities Room. This is an opportunity for students to complete graduation clearance, buy a cap and gown and have photos taken in a cap and gown. Make sure to bring cash or checks to buy graduation items and pay any other fines or fees. If a student cannot attend the graduation fair, they should go to the Registrar’s Office and pick up paperwork to be submitted by April 25 and contact the bookstore about purchasing caps and gowns.
  3. Check DegreeWorks: Make sure you have already completed or are currently enrolled in all the classes needed to graduate. If something seems like it is not right, Herron says students should talk to their advisers as soon as possible. She says the advisor will then contact her office if necessary.
  4. Submit the senior portfolio: These were due April 1, but if someone has not submitted one, it is not too late. Chemistry professor Anne Moody says students who have not submitted a portfolio need to do so as soon as possible to graduate. In addition, Moody says students will receive an email if they submit an incomplete portfolio or if there are problems with the submitted documents. Make sure to respond to these emails.