Student Government election decides new president, vice president

Truman State University Student Government elections concluded Friday with juniors Katie Alexander and Josh German being selected as next year’s president and vice president.

A total of 360 students voted in the election, which was conducted entirely online. 

Sophomore Shania Montufar, junior Maddie Meyer and senior Sam Tillman were elected to senior senator positions. Sophomore Jesse Wren, freshman Alexandra Crawford, sophomore Ethan Kershaw, freshman Emily Smith, junior Adam Barker, freshman Joshna Karki, sophomore Kiren MacLeod, junior Richard Parks, freshman Sutton Purinton, sophomore John Marx, sophomore Ireti Rotimi and sophomore Pj Wuennenberg were selected as voting senators.

Junior Braden Leuthauser was selected as the chair of the Funds Allotment Council.

The ballot also contained multiple measures. Constitutional amendments to provide judicial and executive powers both passed, as did amendments to article two and 10. Amendments to the committees and constitution preamble also passed. The vote also eliminated funding for campus newspapers.

“The Collegiate Readership Program was successfully defunded with a vote of 197 in favor to 89 opposed,” Student Government Speaker Jared Kolok said while announcing results. “So we no longer have funding for the Collegiate Readership Program.”