Student Run Business Initiative holds fundraiser

A pet-themed, non-profit, student-organized business held its first fundraiser in Violette Hall on Thursday, Dec. 1. The name of the business — Wiggle-Butt.

Wiggle-Butt, currently run by junior Anh Bui, is planned to open 2018. The business is being developed by students from a variety of majors and areas of expertise that are involved in the Student Run Business Initiative. Bui says the organization plans to raise awareness for pet adoption while raising money for hungry shelter animals.

This fundraiser was the first of several, as Bui estimates the company will need to meet a total start-up cost of 60,000 dollars. Their first fundraiser was through a pay-what-you-want snack table, offering cookies, Mexican hot chocolate and other sweets. Though there are no other fundraisers planned for this semester, there will be in the future in order to gain more support.

Wiggle-Butt is made up of students with varying career interests, from fine arts to business majors. Artists provide artwork for posters and coloring books, while a senior computer science major codes for the website. Currently, Wiggle-Butt is looking for communication majors, artwork majors and web design majors — but Bui says that start-up could use the help of anyone looking for hands-on experience in start-ups, general business practices or raising awareness for animal welfare.

Those interested should contact Bui at