Student injured in bicycle accident

A Truman State student was transferred to University Hospital in Columbia today after a bicycle accident that fractured his left wrist and skull.

Senior Dane Justice was riding his bicycle just north of Baldwin Hall at 1:30 am today, Oct. 27, says Sara Holzmeier, director of the Department of Public Safety.

“[He] lost control of his bike and ran into a small brick wall,” Holzmeier says.

Holzmeier says a woman nearby saw the accident and helped Justice up, then flagged down a DPS officer on duty.

“He was conscious and he talked to my officers,” Holzmeier says. An ambulance was called for a suspected head injury, and Justice was taken to Northeast Regional Medical Center, Holzmeier says.

“His injuries were serious enough that they transferred him to University Hospital in Columbia,” Justice’s father, Todd Justice, says in a Facebook post. Todd Justice says in another post that the injuries include multiple skull fractures with minor bleeding in his brain, a fractured sinus and a severely broken left wrist and thumb.

Dane Justice had surgery on his wrist earlier today. There is no record of Dane Justice being under the influence at the time of the accident.

The Truman Media Network will provide further updates when more information becomes available.

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