Truman hires communication veteran as Coordinator of Marketing

Truman State University selected Keaton Wagner to serve in the newly created position of Coordinator of Marketing.

University President Sue Thomas announced the selection to the Board of Governors at their December meeting, but Wagner did not start until Jan. 14. Wagner most recently served as an enrollment communications strategist at Westminster College in Utah.

“He is going to play a significant role next semester as we do all this marketing stuff,” Thomas said. “He will report to me initially so that we keep a University-wide perspective on all of this.”

Thomas said when the University reallocated funds this year, the University dedicated some money to create the position because marketing needed significant work. She said while there are many departments and programs marketing themselves well, Truman lacked a comprehensive approach.

Thomas said the University is also looking to hire a marketing consulting firm and is in the process of selecting one. By Dec. 1, the University had already received 14 proposals from a national search. If hired, the firm will work with Wagner to establish Truman’s marketing, branding and identity, and make it more consistent across the different University outlets.