WRC hosts “The Sex Ed You Didn’t Get in High School”

The Women’s Resource Center teamed up with Student Public Health Association last Thursday to host “The Sex Ed You Didn’t Get in High School.” The educational presentation taught students how to use a condom, what types of birth control are most effective, myths about pregnancy prevention techniques and different types of STD prevention.

WRC director senior Danielle Fritz said the event was hosted because most high schools, especially in Missouri, offer abstinence only education. She says it was important to address these topics because the topics and the decision to have sex affects everyone on campus.

WRC and SPHA decided it was important to host the event to provide incoming freshmen and other students who did not get the education they needed in terms of sex health.

“One of our pillars [for the WRC] is education and educating Truman’s campus and this is something that we have noticed is a gap in a lot of people’s education,” Fritz says.

Although they have hosted an event like this before, it has been several years since it happened. Hosting a sex education presentation now gives all students an opportunity to learn more, because those who saw the presentation the first time are graduated or faculty members.