Adair County Election Results Come In


Adair County election results have just come in for Adair County. The results suggest a majority of the Adair County voters voted for the Republican candidate for every government position on the ballot. The results also suggest a majority of voters said yes to all amendments and propositions except Amendment 3 and Proposition A. Amendments 4 and 6 and Proposition A were very close in percentages.

Ballots have been collected in white bins and brought to the County Clerk’s office to be counted. Adair County Commissioner, Sandy Collop, says members of the Adair County Clerk Office have been updating a spreadsheet with tallies as the vote results for the national presidential election are counteded which is a process Adair County only uses to count votes for the national election. Information is usually revealed around 9 p.m. for Adair County but this election cycle it has come in at 9:50 p.m.