Detweiler, Long elected to city council seats

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As a result of the Municipal Elections April 5, Richard Detweiler and Chuck Long were elected to City Council seats. The city’s economic development tax also passed.

Voters came out to the polls Tuesday to vote on two city council seats, two School Board of Education seats and the future of the Economic Development Sales Tax.

Candidates John McConnell and Gayla McHenry secured the two seats on the School Board of Directors for the Kirksville R-III School District. McHenry garnered 34.31 percent of votes and McConnell received 24.43 percent of votes.

“I’m just really excited and I want to thank everyone that turned out to poll,” McConnell says. “I appreciate the support.”

McConnell says he wants parents and educators to know he will do his best, and will try to make sure education keeps up with modern technology and engages students. McConnell says he thinks the Kirksville school system does a great job educating students and it does a good job staying a step ahead of other schools. He says he looks forward to working with the other board members and the school administration staff.

“I’ve been a little nervous and I don’t really get nervous,” McConnell says. “I can smile now and look forward to the next three years of helping our schools continue to give our kids the best education around.”

The two open seats on the Kirksville City Council went to candidates Richard Detweiler and Chuck Long. Detweiler won with 28.45 percent of the votes and Long earned 21.37 percent of the votes.

“This is the fourth time the people have given me the privilege and honor and their confidence … to do this and it’s great. I will do my utmost to return and reciprocate with everything they want.”

– Richard Detweiler, newly elected to Kirksville City Council

Detweiler says he encourages everyone to come to the City Council meetings and bring any issues they have before the council. Detweiler says right now, he and the rest of the council are focused on the Kraft Heinz parking lot project.

The Kirksville Economic Development Sales Tax passed with 72.89 percent of votes.

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