Election Results: Adair County voters choose Republicans down the ballot

President Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence, representing the Republican Party, won a majority of voters in Adair County. Trump won 61.826% of the county’s vote, while the Democratic ticket, composed of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, got 35.842% of voters in Adair County. A total of 10,337 Adair County voters participated in this election.

Adair County voters also chose Republican Gov. Mike Parson to serve another term, with 63.826% in support. Democratic candidate Nicole Galloway received 34.378% of the county vote.

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Republican Mike Kehoe won the majority of voters in Adair County for the lieutenant governor race, securing 64.445% of the vote. Democratic candidate Alissia Canady received 33.011% of the vote. 

Republican Jay Ashcroft also won a majority of voters in Adair County in the secretary of state race, garnering 68.948% of the vote. Democratic candidate Yinka Faleti received 28.559% of the county vote.

Republican Scott Fitzpatrick was selected by voters in Adair County to serve as state treasurer, winning 65.357% of the vote. Democratic candidate Vicki Lorenz Englund earned 32.123% of the county vote. 

Republican Eric Schmitt was selected by Adair County voters to serve as Missouri Attorney General, winning 65.376% of the county vote. Democratic candidate Rich Finneran received 32.168% of Adair County’s votes and Libertarian candidate Kevin Babcock took 2.455% of the county vote. 

Adair County voters chose Republican Sam Graves to serve as the U.S. representative for the 6th District, receiving 66.585% of the vote. Democratic candidate Gena Ross got 31.513% of the county vote. 

Candidates who ran uncontested and won were Republican Danny Busick for state representative 3rd District, Republican William “Bill” King for county commissioner 1st District, Republican Eldon Grissom for sheriff, Republican Kent Bryant for assessor, Republican Rhonda Noe for public administrator and Republican Brian Noe for coroner. 

Adair County voted to retain Missouri Supreme Court Judge Patricia Breckenridge with 74.356% of voters in support. Voters in Adair County also voted in favor of retaining Missouri Western Court of Appeals Judge Tom Chapman with 74.397% of Adair County voters in support.  

Adair County voted against Constitutional Amendment 1, with 54.329% of voters turning down the ballot measure. Adair County also voted in favor of Constitutional Amendment 3, receiving 52.807% of the vote.

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