Election Results: Missouri voters pass Amendment 3, deny Amendment 1

Missouri ballot initiatives generated close results from state and local voters. Amendment 3’s redistricting proposition was nearly split among the populace, ultimately being approved with a 51% majority for Missouri and 53% in Adair County. The state and Adair County also voted “no” on the term limits proposed by Amendment 1, with 52% and 54%, respectively. 

The Amendment 1 proposed a limit of two terms for the lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state auditor, attorney general, governor and treasurer. Opposition to this amendment maintains the two-term limits for the governor and treasurer, but not other positions.


Amendment 3 pertained to campaign contributions and redistricting efforts. The measure supports removing the nonpartisan state demographer and instead using a governor-appointed bipartisan commission for legislative redistricting, also changing district mapping criteria. In addition, state senate campaign contributions would be reduced from $2,500 to $2,400 and lobbyist gifts from $5 to $0. 

The third provision was considered a more controversial vote because of its wording and implications. Adair County Democrats opposed this initiative, maintaining that Amendment 3 was an effort by the Republican legislature to mislead voters and overturn the Clean Missouri initiative to effectively continue their control through gerrymandering. Adair County Republicans Club supported Amendment 3 as a rural Missouri victory and stated that filtration of donations have attempted to destroy fair districts.