Family Day returns in-person

Truman State University hosted Family Weekend Friday Sept. 23 through Sunday Sept. 25. This is the first Family Day masks were not required since the COVID-19 pandemic began and is many students first ‘normal’ Family Day.

“I feel like everything is definitely more relaxed, and I feel like people are more relaxed about it, so I feel like people are only doing what they’re comfortable with,” sophomore Evelyn Jones said.

Tyana Lange, vice president for enrollment management and marketing, said, “We’re not overly concerned about a potential COVID outbreak because we are doing most of our activities outside, trying to continue to keep it outside. The weather is beautiful, so we’re anticipating that it’s going to be amazing.”

However, not every person on campus shares the same confidence in the safety of having a ‘normal’ Family Weekend. Alexis Cook, a fifth-year student, said she had concerns about inviting families from different areas to the small Kirksville community. Cook said it’s possible for people to unknowingly spread COVID since they may not have symptoms. 

Cook said the University’s action in making more events outdoors was a good step but still inadequate. “Systems and institutions have the greatest effect on how COVID can spread,” Cook said.

Santino Bono, the president of College Democrats, said, “I think that there can always be more done; however, I am pretty happy with the vaccination numbers on campus,” Bono said. ” I feel that especially as most of the events are outdoors, certain precautions are being taken — I feel comfortable going to these events.”