Upcycle boutique unveiled

Amp’D Boutique LLC, a new home decor, clothing and jewelry store, held its grand opening Oct. 3 at 108 E. Washington St.

Morford says the clothing inventory is a mix of ultramodern, or new apparel, and Trashion, which is reused and upcycled apparel. She said this will give store customers more clothing options to choose from in regards to style and price. She says the jewelry is made mostly from reclaimed materials handmade by local or Missouri-based artisans. She says the boutique also sells an array of items such as personal journals, records and gifts for friends. Morford says the inventory constantly will be updated to provide a larger variety of products to customers and products from Red Barn festival vendors will be available in their store during the future.

Morford says the boutique will be in the former location of her other business, Yours Truly Salon, which she said moved to 520 N. Baltimore St. Morford says she and Howard are close friends, and they wanted to open the store because they had the business expertise to run it, and she says it will be a personal hobby and passion for them. She says the store name, Amp’D, is short for the “and” symbol, ampersand, and also reflects the phrase “and nothing stays the same.” She says this and the rotating arrows around the store name represent a continually changing future and a willingness to push forward in this endeavor, which Morford calls an adventure.

“We are excited to see what the future holds,” Morford said. “The adventure and the unknown are the most exciting parts of this.”