Governor Parson speaks about upcoming special session

Gov. Parson speaks with constituents. Parson spoke about agriculture tax credits during his speech. Photo by Genevieve Tlustos.

Gov. Mike Parson spoke at the University Farm at Truman State University Thursday, Aug. 25.

The speech was part of the governor’s statewide tour to explain why he is calling a special session that will focus on extending agricultural tax credits and the largest income tax cut in state history, Parson said. University President Sue Thomas said the trip was also a good opportunity to show Parson what is happening at Truman and in Kirksville. 

Parson spoke about his plan to extend the agricultural tax credits bill to help agriculture. The tax credits reduce taxes owed for those who contribute financial or technical assistance to agricultural businesses. He also said the tax cuts would be the largest in Missouri’s history but they will continue to maintain state programs. 

President Sue Thomas greets Governor Mike Parson Aug. 25. Thomas was able to update Parson on the changes happening at the University.

Thomas said she was able to show Parson the Kirk Building and tell him about the Student Success and SKILLS Center the University will create. Thomas said Parson saw the construction at the Greenwood Interprofessional Autism Center and she gave him a packet highlighting the Kirk Building and Greenwood as well as the Nursing Simulation Lab and Pershing remodel.

“Governor Parson has been very supportive of higher education and coming up to see what Truman is doing, he’s very impressed with what we do,” Thomas said. “We have a fabulous reputation in Jefferson City, and we have been working really hard for the state to pay more attention to what Truman is doing.”

In the beginning of his speech, Parson said Thomas and her team have done an outstanding job and how he was proud to see the construction of Greenwood beginning. 

Thomas said she thought the farm was a great location for the speech.

“Our students and faculty and staff do amazing work at the farm,” Thomas said. “To be able to showcase it is very cool for us.” 

Northeast Regional Coordinator Mindy Breid, at the Missouri Farm Bureau, was in attendance Thursday. She said the Farm Bureau was behind the governor regarding both the agricultural tax credits and the tax cuts.

“[The tax cuts] will absolutely boost the economy and put more money into the system to where you and I are able to pay our bills and we’re able to support our families and go out and enjoy life a little bit rather than this kind of interest rates that we’re having to deal with right now,” Breid said. “We’re fully supportive of it.” 

Breid said she loved seeing Parson interact with constituents and it was important for the community. 

Senior Iva Welbourne thought it was great Parson made the effort to visit the University Farm. Farm manager Bill Kuntz also said he thought it was great that Parson came to see the farm and what students are doing. Kuntz is supportive of the agricultural tax credits and the tax breaks, he said. 

The special session will take place in Jefferson City Sept. 6.