State college options could be expanded

The Missouri Senate is seeking to grant community colleges the ability to offer bachelor’s degree programs if the Coordinating Board for Higher Education approves them.

The Missouri House of Representatives Higher Education Committee is currently processing Senate Bill 807 — sponsored by Sen. Jay Wasson, a Republican from Nixa representing District 20. Wasson said passing the measure would allow more schools to offer higher degree programs throughout the state.

“[SB 807] increases the efficiency and accessibility of degree programs offered through the University of Missouri System,” Wasson wrote in a statement. “This is great for students because they will have opportunities to choose from a wider selection of degrees without having a significant financial burden.”

Wasson said the bill also provides funding relief for higher education because it decreases the number of duplicate degree offerings, which reduces spending on higher education.

“This bill was created through hard work and cooperation between all of the higher-education institutions throughout Missouri, and I believe it is a very positive step in the right direction for resolving our budgetary challenges in the education sphere,” Wasson said.