Truman trades smaller showcase days for one large accepted student weekend

Truman State University will be hosting one large accepted student showcase as opposed to smaller showcases throughout the semester.
Admissions counselor, Joy Giedinghagen said Truman experience weekend will consist of accepted students and their families getting to know Truman’s campus through tours, meals and lectures March 22 and 23.
Tours will be given by student ambassadors, and anyone who wishes to volunteer is urged to visit the admissions office in order to find a job for the showcase. Clubs and organizations are also encouraged to be in the mix, and show potential students what extracurricular activities students are involved in.
“We think students best understand the student life when they get that college experience,” Giedinghagen said.
Giedinghagen said some professors will be lecturing to some families in order to give them a look into the different departments.
With a higher concentration of families coming to campus, some facilities may be a bit crowded due to tours. Families will have the choice of eating in the dining halls or the Student Union Building. Sodexo general manager, John Stewart says the extra bodies shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.
“Ryle has held 900 people at one point, and now we can easily accommodate 500 to 600 people, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem utilizing two dining halls and the SUB”, Stewart said.
He predicts the SUB will have a bit of traffic on Saturday with Chick-Fil-A being the only open restaurant. Overall Stewart says the number of students is not concrete yet, but he is looking forward to the event.