Truman Experience Weekend could Limit Student Engagement

We, the Index Editorial Board, are hopeful for the changes being made to the Truman Experience Weekend, but we are concerned for the prospective students who now have extra responsibilities to attend the weekend. The event used to be a one day showcase. Now, families need to book a hotel room and spend two days in order to participate in every event. This has the chance to make it difficult for families to stay for the weekend and pay for a hotel room. There are also concerns regarding hotel room availability.
Since the event is only taking place during one weekend, Truman’s facilities might become crowded. The Student Union Building and Pickler Memorial Library are popular places to tour. Although the dining halls can accommodate a large number of people, seats are still hard to find even without tour groups.
Additionally, this event will only take place once during the spring semester. This limits the amount of students that could be reached if people are not able to attend those dates. The showcases used to be around three times each semester, whereas this event will only happen once.
We are excited to see if the change becomes positive for the University and does help showcase Truman to help boost admission numbers. We look forward to see the attendance at the event.