7 Truman State Facebook groups you need to join right now

There are a lot of things about adjusting to college that you won’t be able to learn in a class. With these seven Truman Facebook groups, you can become a pro at navigating the Truman scene from the comfort of your own laptop. From the useful to the funny to the weird, joining these groups will make your Truman experience that much easier and more memorable.

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1. Free & For Sale

Arguably the most popular Truman Facebook group, Free & For Sale allows students to sell their stuff to other Truman students cheaply. Let’s face it — we’re all way too poor to buy new things, so why waste your money when you can buy the same thing secondhand? Find everything from clothing to mini-fridges to furniture to textbooks on Free & For Sale, and then sell it to someone else when you’re done with it. Reduce, reuse, resell.

Tip: When you move off campus, buy any furniture you need on Free & For Sale from seniors who are graduating. They usually sell their things at a low cost. Then, when you graduate and don’t know what to do with all of the stuff you’ve amassed, sell it to someone else and earn a few bucks back.

2. Textbook Exchange

Similar to Free & For Sale, but exclusively for textbooks, Textbook Exchange is your best friend at the beginning and end of the semester. Can’t face spending 200 dollars on a textbook for a required course? Chances are someone needs to get that textbook off their hands and will sell it for around 50 dollars. While you won’t be able to find every textbook you need for every class, you can definitely save money on books for required courses and popular Liberal Studies Program requirements. And since it’s local, you won’t have to pay for shipping.

Tip: This group is a madhouse during August, December and May, so sell your books early in those months to get top dollar and buy them late when prices drop because of competition.

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3. Truman Rideshare

Truman Rideshare, probably the most important Truman Facebook group you will join, is a group for students looking for rides, and students who can give rides. Even if you do have a reliable form of transportation, at some point it will break down. Before Rideshare, you may have been stranded in Kirksville over Midterm Break. But now, just post to the group and chances are someone has room in their car for you.

Tip: If you’re looking for a Rideshare ride, try to post about it several weeks in advance, as cars can fill up quickly.

4. Housing

Moving off campus and don’t know where to start? Studying abroad and need to find a subleaser? Found out your current apartment is filled with asbestos? Housing is your solution! With everything from recommendations for rental companies, to room openings in houses, to apartments available for subleasing, Housing can give you the inside scoop on off-campus living. This is a great tool for anyone trying to fill a room or find a place to live.

Tip: Summer subletting in Kirksville is highly competitive, so you can find really nice apartments for about $100 a month.

5. Overheard at Truman

Have you ever heard a comment out of context from a passerby and thought, “What in the world did I just hear?” Well thanks to Overheard at Truman, now you have a place to share those moments. Every once in a while a true gem emerges from Truman conversations that makes you just think, “I can’t believe I go to this school.”

Tip: Think twice about posting inside jokes that only you and your friends understand, and save your posts for those things that really make you laugh out loud.

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6. Truman Lost & Found

Chances are you are going to lose something at some point during your four years at Truman. Truman Lost & Found is the place to post your desperate pleas for help locating and returning your items. If you do find a lost item, be a good Samaritan and post it, since someone is probably frantically looking for it.

Tip: Generally, it’s a good idea to turn in important items to a nearby building’s lost and found and then post about it so that you aren’t responsible for returning the item personally.

7. “Stuff” Truman Professors Say

If you thought what students posted to Overheard at Truman was funny, you won’t believe what the professors are saying! Alright, so … the name of the group isn’t actually “stuff,” but you get the idea. If you join any group on this list, join “Stuff” Truman Professors Say. As we all know, Truman professors can say unbelievable things in class, and this is the place to celebrate that. There isn’t a more hilarious, more shocking or more talked-about group at Truman than “Stuff” Truman Professors Say.

Tip: The professors know about “Stuff” Truman Professors Say, so be careful about what YOU say!

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Bonus: Chicken Bowl Alert Group

Love the Sodexo chicken bowls? You aren’t alone. Nearly 400 people at Truman are part of this group to alert one another when Sodexo is serving its infamous chicken bowl for lunch or dinner. You’ll be glad you joined later.

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