Marching band’s first away game in 3 years


All 120 members of the Truman Statesmen marching band performed in Quincy, Illinois at their first away football game in three years on Oct. 31. With help from the president’s office, school arts and letters, the Truman music department and 20 generous individual donors, the band was able to attend the game.

In addition to Truman playing one of their top competitors, Quincy University, the game was also televised. Curran Prendergast, Truman marching band director and music professor, says he thinks this was a good opportunity for Truman’s band.

“It’s important that we have the presence on the television,” Prendergast says. “While the game is televised the camera will be focused on the football players for a large part but you can still hear the bands playing. I think it’s important for Truman to be visible. It’s a cool display of professionalism and sportsmanship. It helps show what we represent is something bigger than ourselves.”

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