TSUnami sets itself apart

Truman State University’s TSUnami Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team is an organization on campus that competes against other schools nationwide each semester.  

Last spring, the team went undefeated heading into nationals where it placed seventh. It was the first time the team finished undefeated in the spring season. The national tournament took place in College Station, Texas, where TSUnami was the No. 1 ranked women’s team in Div. III. Throughout the spring season, the team won first place in the regional tournament and four other tournaments. 

So far this fall, the team has played in three tournaments. It finished in second place twice and seventh place out of 24 teams — including some Div. I schools such as the University of Missouri, Kansas State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Throughout the 2019 season, TSUnami has finished first in the South Central Div. III Conference out of nine teams, and fourth in the nation out of 87 teams. The team has played in 40 games and won 36 — winning 25 games by more than five points. 

Team co-captain Sarah Finley says the team has many goals as they finish out the year.

“We have a large class graduating, so we really want to focus on cultivating a sense of community and love for the sport that has made myself and the rest of my class stay,” Finley said. “Of course we ideally want to make it to nationals by the end of the year because that is always an honor and a tribute to how hard we work, but at the end of the day our main goal is recruitment and retainment.”

The TSUnami team is currently preparing for the upcoming spring 2020 season. Throughout the fall, the team practiced three times a week. The team travels to many different cities to compete, including Kansas City, Missouri; Columbia, Missouri; Louisville, Kentucky; Rockford, Illinois; and Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Team co-captain Lauren Wiggins said she likes how the team has come together during her three years at Truman.

“My personal favorite thing about TSUnami is how different we all are from each other and yet we make this amazing, talented team,” Wiggins said. “We probably might not have gotten so close to each other if not for this team and I think this has been a really unique and beautiful way for us to come together.”

TSUnami is a no-cut team and welcomes all interested players. There are currently 35 players on the roster.

TSUnami starts off the school year in the fall by holding open scrimmages with the men’s team, JujiTSU. Recruitment Chair Mandi Matteucci said it’s a great way for people to play frisbee in a fun, less competitive environment. 

The team advertises by putting up posters and updating their social media with practice times and locations. By the first tournament, TSUnami pairs new members with veteran players who act as mentors. Additionally, the team usually holds an informational meeting in the fall about its upcoming season. The team typically gets most of its new members during the fall season because that is when new members are taught the rules of the game. The spring season is usually more competitive, however, the team still accepts new members year round. 

Matteucci said ultimate frisbee is more than just a sport to her. 

“After seven years of playing, every time I go to a tournament, I see someone I know from either summer league, club, high school or college,” Matteucci said. “TSUnami is a great team for anyone who wants to find a place where they belong at Truman.”

For more information on TSUnami Women’s Ultimate and live game updates, you can find TSUnami’s social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To join the team, reach out to co-captains Lauren Wiggins and Sarah Finley, or contact the recruitment chair, Mandi Matteucci. Students looking to join can also show up to practices throughout the week.