At Home & Abroad

Walls Down and Hearts Open

September 25, 2016

I may have only been packing for a week in advance, but I had been waiting for the past six years to be reunited in México with my best friend, Andrea De’ Orta. Andrea had […]

At Home & Abroad

Navigating the Streets of Montevideo

September 10, 2016

Walking to the Universidad Católica on my first day of school, I prepared for my journey like a backpacker set to travel across the country. As a person who is directionally challenged, I was armed […]

At Home & Abroad


February 22, 2016

Many college students dream of a time when all of their classes will be canceled so they can enjoy a little time to themselves, but rarely does that ever happen. This week, that dream became […]

At Home & Abroad

A Week of Firsts

January 29, 2016

Little in my life has changed in the last year or so. I’ve had the same friends, the same routine and ate all the same foods at the usual places. All of that changed during […]