Everything you wanted to know about sorority recruitment

As sorority recruitment draws near, excitement is in the air. TMN Digital Editors Grace Bueckendorf and Taylor Lay sat down with Panhellenic Council recruitment team seniors Sung Huh and Kim Carlton to talk to them about helpful information regarding recruitment and Greek Life. Recruitment can be stressful for those participating but they offered advice to help ease some pressure.

Since affiliated women cannot speak with unaffiliated women due to recruitment policy, the Truman Media Network would like to facilitate a discussion, asking questions that women thinking about going through recruitment might have.

If you are interested in signing up for recruitment, you can do so here, or by visiting SUB 3201 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every weekday until recruitment begins Sept. 9. A Gamma Chi (recruitment team counselor) or member of the recruitment team will be available during that time to answer any more questions you might have.

About Kim Carlton, Gamma Chi Coordinator —

Carlton went through recruitment as a freshman during fall 2012. Currently she serves as a Panhellenic delegate for her sorority and as the Gamma Chi Coordinator on recruitment team. Carlton interviews, selects and trains Gamma Chis in counseling women going through the recruitment process. During recruitment, she makes sure the Gamma Chis know who their girls are, where they need to be and other recruitment logistics.

About Sung Huh, Panhellenic Council President —

Having gone through recruitment as a freshman in fall 2012, Huh currently serves as Panhellenic Council President. She meets with the council and the Interfraternity Council president to help oversee recruitment and day-to-day functions of Truman Greek Life.

The Discussion —
Editor’s note: All responses have been paraphrased and terms have been clarified.

What is a Potential New Member (PNM)?

Kim Carlton — A potential new member is anyone that is eligible to rush. They go to Truman, or any higher education institution, [have] at least four semesters left on campus, someone that is not affiliated with a Panhellenic organization but can be affiliated with other organizations or local sororities on campus.

What is a Gamma Chi?

KC — Gamma Chi stands for Greek recruitment counselor. Gamma Chis are women that disaffiliate from their sororities to serve as an unbiased counselor during the recruitment process. They are a resource for PNMs and offer guidance for any potential worries, anxieties or questions during the recruitment process.


What is the role of a Gamma Chi?

KC — A Gamma Chi’s main function is to be there when the PNMs need them. They typically offer a brief description of each sorority, tell them where to go, ensure PNMs make it to each party, give them their invites back and let them know if they’ve received a bid. In the mean time, after attendance of events Gamma Chis can help them in ranking their preference of sororities. Just in case they’re unsure of what to do Gamma Chis give them advice from their own rush experiences.

Why did you go through recruitment?

Sung Huh — I thought it was the best way to get to know a group of people really, really fast. I also [went through the recruitment process] because I am the oldest of my siblings so I never really had that big brother or big sister to look up to. I just wanted to find my home away from home, as cheesy as that might make me sound.

What is your advice to people who are on the fence about going through recruitment?

SH — You don’t have to sign a bid and you don’t have to join an organization. You can just go through and meet all of the women and all of the different organizations and just feel it out.

Can you go through recruitment if you’re not a freshman?

KC — We have a lot of girls who aren’t freshmen who go through recruitment. There are a ton of sophomores who go through and it is not odd to have a few juniors rush. As long as they’re still eligible with at least four semesters they can rush.

Can you be involved in other organizations?

SH — Greek Life in general wants you to be the best you can be. They encourage [members] to be leaders and they encourage them to involved as much as they can. You can definitely balance [Greek Life] with being in other organizations.

What should I do if I’m concerned about what I’m wearing?

SH — Advice that we give to PNMs is to wear a little accessory or something — nothing too big or fancy or something that you can mess with — but something simple, like a little headband or a statement necklace — something that they can remember you by. We also have the fashion show during Panhel welcome. During that time, we will have dos and don’ts of what to wear.

For more specific examples of what to wear, look in the Go Greek booklet or on Instagram @tsu_panhellenic.

What would you say to any PNMs that may be nervous about talking to older girls or going through recruitment?

KC — I would say, all of these women have been there and all understand you’re nervous and may have the jitters. It’s important to just relax and be yourself — they’re going to be themselves with you. Put your best food forward and your best foot forward is always yourself. Don’t think you have to be something different. You want to find your home as much as they want to find the women for them.

As a senior, what have you personally gained from Greek Life?

KC — Greek life has encouraged me [to] learn a lot about myself while gaining important skills like leadership and time management. You find women who are like you and who are different from you. In Greek Life, you experience a diversity of thought and how other people think and work. You gain an open mind and I believe it prepares you to work for people that are different than you in the workforce.

Are you happy that you went through recruitment?

SH — I am so happy that I went through recruitment. It was the best decision I made here at Truman. It definitely made me love Truman more than I would have if I didn’t go through recruitment. It made me meet people I probably wouldn’t have met if I didn’t go Greek.


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