Our View: Reopening of the Aquadome is a good sign for art

The Aquadome is a cornerstone of the arts community at Truman State University and in the wider Kirksville community. The organization has provided potlucks, craft nights, art shows, live music and more. Not only does the Aquadome provide a safe environment for anyone to experience events, but it also encourages people in the community to create and experience a variety of art. 

We, The Index Editorial Board, are excited to see the Aquadome reopening the doors of its Main Street venue again. Art is an important part of Kirksville and the people here. When first coming here, many students’ first experience with the arts community in the area is the Red Barn Festival, where vendors sell handmade items. The downtown area holds live music events throughout the warmer months. Galleries show art and offer workshops year-round so people can learn and explore their creative side. 

The Aquadome is a vital part of the Kirksville arts community. It brings new, more alternative musicians from all around the Midwest, so no two shows are the same and the community can experience art they might not have access to elsewhere in Kirksville. The variety of acts ensures there are nights that appeal to just about anyone. Its potlucks and board game nights provide a welcoming environment to meet people in. The yearly Tom Thumb Art Festival gives artists a place to showcase and sell their work without the restrictions of applying to a formal gallery. Open mic nights give people a place to show off their interests and talents in a low-pressure setting.

In school, it is easy to become focused on just one slice of what the world has to offer. Cities with active arts communities, like Kirksville, help keep their citizens well rounded and invested. The reopening of the Aquadome is a sign that the arts community in our town is active and thriving.