‘Spooktacular’ Halloween Fun on Campus

This creepy hallway serves as the entrance to the haunted house at Alpha Kappa Lambda.

If you’re ready to embrace the excitement and horrors of Halloween, you won’t have to travel very far to find it.

This year, Truman State University has an abundance of activities around campus. Groups such as Alpha Kappa Lambda, the Independent Performance and Art Coalition and West Campus Suites have been planning around the clock to bring spooktacular fun to campus this fall.

Stephen Powers, Public Relations chair of the haunted house, says Alpha Kappa Lambda will be continuing its haunted house this year, and a lot of hard work is being put into it.

“I finish all of my preparation before October, and then physical construction starts on October 1st, usually,” Powers says.

Powers also says the house takes between 30 and 40 hours to assemble. This year the house will be set up to look like a haunted hospital, he says, and proceeds will go toward the Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri.


This creepy hallway serves as the entrance to the haunted house at Alpha Kappa Lambda.
This creepy hallway serves as the entrance to the haunted house at Alpha Kappa Lambda.

When: 8 p.m.-11 p.m. October 28-31

Where: 918 South Osteopathy Street, Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity House

Cost: $5 at the door, $3 a piece for 6+, $17 includes t-shirt and admission

Haunted Baldwin returns

The Independent Performance and Art Coalition will be putting on its annual “Haunted Baldwin” event again this year, but the event has faced some difficulties says Francis Kemper, coordinator of the event.

“What worked great with Baldwin was that we had the whole basement hallway, including the stage — it was great,” Kemper says.

With Baldwin’s recent reconstruction, the event became impossible to put on in its usual home, Kemper says. So, this year a new location had to be found to hold the event, he says.

“We thought of a few places, and the Aquadome turned out to be the one we landed on,” Kemper says. “The theme this year will be ‘Reanimation,’ and is sure to be a hit.”

When: 8 p.m.-1 a.m. October 29-31

Where: The Aquadome, 120 S Main St.

Cost: $5 per person (4-6 people) and groups of 6 get a $5 discount

Residence halls join in on the spooky fun too

Many residence halls are hosting events this year as well, but none are to be as big as West Campus Suites’s haunted house says Jacob Hobbs, an SA in WCS and coordinator of the haunted house.

“This is going to be the largest Halloween event, probably, anywhere near Kirksville,”Hobbs says. “We’re going to be using the whole entire building and outside of West.”

Hobbs says the asylum-themed event will be an interactive for groups as people who attend will interact with some of Hollywood’s most notorious villains in order to solve a mystery in a “Who-Dun-It?” fashion.

“We are bringing investigative volunteers to come in in groups and solve the mystery,” Hobbs says.

When: 8 p.m.-12 a.m. with a costume contest at 8 p.m. October 29th

Where: West Campus Suites

Cost: Free food and admission

Other Halloween-themed events around campus

Be on the lookout for other events around campus and in your residence hall.

There will be events in Ryle, Missouri and Dobson Halls

University Farm Corn Maze: 7-10 p.m. October 27th, 8 p.m.- 12 a.m. October 28-29, October 30th- Kid’s Day, $3 with Student ID or $5

Student Activities Board Pumpkin Carving: 1 p.m. October 26th, Kirk Gym