“The Talk” with Ari: Has COVID-19 put a stop to casual sex?

COVID-19 is still a threat, and we have to remain vigilant. The same is to be said when having casual consensual sex. Not only are condoms and contraceptives recommended, but taking COVID-19 precautions are highly recommended, as well. There are plenty of websites commentating and listing off protective measures you can take. Among them, Avert is a site devoted to HIV/AIDS and STI information that has recently posted about coronavirus safety. Based on current knowledge, scientists have found that COVID-19 cannot be sexually transmitted, but is identifiable in semen.

Scientists also found that COVID-19 is present in feces. This means that any anal play, such as rimming, can make you susceptible to COVID-19. It is especially important to use dental dams during oral sex, now more than ever, and being honest with your partners. The best course of action to lower your likelihood of infection is to not get any action. 

For some, this is a time to get better in touch with yourself. Using sex toys, masturbating or even participating in online sex chats/Zooms limit your contact with other people, but allow you to learn a little more about yourself. It provides time to experiment with things in the bedroom you wouldn’t usually try with a partner. 

However, if you still want to have sex with partners, the safest route is having sex with people you live with. There is less worry for those who live with their partners or have roommates they have consensual sex with. For others who have partners living in different households, it can be risky. By ensuring you keep track of the people you see, and the people they see, you are lowering your risk.

For the rest of the community who enjoy dating apps and casual sex, wearing masks and showering before and after sex is the recommended course of action. While it might feel strange and awkward, it lowers the risk for yourself and the other person(s). It goes without saying to get tested if you have any symptoms or if you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive!

However, this is not to say you have to remain celibate during this pandemic. Rather, it is to encourage everyone to continue practicing safe habits and to inform the public about ways to have sex safely. The NYC Health Department sent out its own safe sex guidelines with tips and tricks on safely navigating casual sex. You can even make sex fun and kinky following these guidelines. For example, play around with positions, so you don’t have close face to face contact. Large, well-ventilated areas are recommended, such as outdoors, but having sex in such places can be tricky or downright illegal.

Be sure to stay safe and in constant communication with your partner to make sure everyone is okay and comfortable. If you are feeling lost and confused about any of this, or have questions that need answers, Bedsider has a whole slew of resources available. As always, if you have any other questions or concerns, you can email trumanshag@gmail.com for answers, resources and positive sex guidance. Until next time, protect yourselves Bulldogs!