Detours asked our readers to submit photos they felt best encapsulated the theme “perfect timing.”


Here are the winners …


Honorable Mentions: 

Fifth Place: 

FIFTH PLACE — “The Happiest Sloth” by Jake Wendel, taken in San Josecito, Costa Rica.

Fourth Place: 

FOURTH PLACE — “Winter’s Last Icicles” by Grant Wilhelm. Taken while hiking in Thousand Hills on a spring evening.

Third Place: 

THIRD PLACE — “A black neck stilt feeding at squaw creek Missouri” by Rachel Becker. Black neck stilts are a “once in a lifetime bird” in Missouri and this trip was planned perfectly to time with their migration patterns.

Second Place: 

SECOND PLACE — “Prague, Czech Republic” by Haley Meissen. This photo was taken in the one of the main squares in Prague while she was studying abroad. She was wandering around the city and found a person blowing hundreds of bubbles for both children and adults to enjoy. People were running in the bubbles, taking photos in them, or simply pausing to admire them. This photo was accidently timed to catch the bubbles and diverse crowd perfectly.

First Place: 

FIRST PLACE — “Fast Food” by Daniel Degenhardt, taken in Kirksville before class.


Congratulations to all our winners and stay tuned next semester for more information about our newest photo contest.