This year’s photo contest theme was “New Perspective.” After careful deliberation, the Detours staff selected these photos as winners and honorable mentions. 

Honorable Mentions:  “Tape Measure” by Emily Taylor 

“This photo was taken as part of a series of stamps that were focused on the sewing process. I took it on my living room floor where it was artfully curled up and lit by the natural light streaming through the windows.” – Emily Taylor. 

Photo by Alyeen Polson, taken on the quad 

“It is from the level of the dog, which a lot of people don’t see. We are used to seeing dogs from above them, especially when we play with them. So this changes the whole perspective of seeing dogs play. It also shows the perspective of what the bigger, older dog sees when the younger, smaller dog runs around. Through this photo we can see the black dog playing not only from a new level, but from the German shepherd’s view as well.” – Ayleen Polson 

“Best Vault” by Katie Reeves, taken in Indianapolis, Indiana 

“Things are looking up” by Bethany Cutkomp, taken at Garden of the Gods Park, Colorado


5th place: Photo by Alyeen Polson, taken in the Kirk building on the first floor

The outer light reflecting in the window combining with the lights inside of the room created a cool illusion and trippy sort of effect. It was like looking at a whole new world.” – Alyeen Polson


4th place: Photo by Lisa Hooper 

“Silver maple flower buds look to their crystal ball for a new perspective on when to bloom.” – Lisa Hooper 


3rd place: “Keeping Warm on the Holidays” by Bethany Cutkomp, taken in Clearwater, Florida


2nd place: 

“A Glance Behind” by Sean Hicks 

“For this photo I was at 1000 Hills for a photo shoot and as I was driving away, I looked in my side mirror and saw this! It’s one of my favorite photos just because it was unplanned!” – Sean Hicks


1st place: “Cup Above” by Elijah Farrales, taken at Crossfit Raw Steel in Springfield, Missouri 

“I’ve got a lot of cups and I’ve stacked them many times. There is always the question of how big I can stack. And this photo was born from an attempt to discover just how tall a tower I could make. A few from above is often a unique; a from above 13.5 feet of cups is something not many people have seen.” – Elijah Farrales


Thank you to all those who submitted photos and stay tuned next semester for our next photo contest!