SAB Brings TruMance Back

February 8, 2015

TruMance, the popular Student Activities Board event based off the Newlyweds Game, will return 7 p.m. Feb. 9 in the SUB Georgian Rooms. SAB originally hosted the game during 2013 and about 150 people showed […]

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Take a walk and relax

August 17, 2014

As I understand it, the fun and the challenge of college is figuring things out for oneself, making it strange that I now am giving the class of 2018 the shortlist of my favorite walks in Kirksville. Consider it a tiny head-start rather than a cheat-sheet. If you need some quiet and fresh air during your time at Truman State, consider these trustworthy routes.

Big Creek Conservation Area

A short drive down Boundary Road from the University Farm, Big Creek is a restored oak-savanna habitat. Before modern agriculture, this county was a transition between the prairies of the west and the oak-hickory forests of the east. Big Creek is a decent approximation of what this county might have looked like before European settlers. With broad trails, steep hills with scenic outlooks and an open canopy that prevents you from getting lost, this park is ideal if you have a free morning or afternoon and want some fresh air. This is one place I will be conducting morning bird surveys for a research project this fall. […]

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Paino proposes salary increase plan

April 10, 2014

University President Troy Paino has proposed a five-year program to increase faculty salaries.
Political science professor Candy Young said the five-year plan aims to raise starting salaries for first-year professors, increase salaries for professors making less than newly hired faculty and make Truman’s average pay competitive with other universities.
She said a concern among faculty is pay raises for faculty who have spent a long time at the University. She said professors can apply to acquire a new professor rank after 12 years at Truman, which entitles them to a pay raise. […]

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Student Senate gathers student surveys

March 27, 2014

Truman State’s Student Senate sent a survey to students March 19 regarding current issues up for debate in the Senate and the Board of Governors. The survey consisted of questions about specific issues followed by […]

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Truman students prone to higher rates of mental distress

March 20, 2014

Surveys of college students throughout Missouri show Truman State students are more likely to self-injure and suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts than other collegians throughout the state.
According to the 2013 Missouri College Health and Behavior Survey, 19.1 percent of Truman students that responded to the survey experienced a depressive episode, compared to 17.6 percent of other Missouri student respondents. Truman students also self-injure more often than other survey respondents at nearly a 2-to-1 ratio.
The survey shows 19 percent of Truman students experienced suicidal thoughts last year, compared to 13.6 percent of other Missouri students. 1.5 percent of Truman students reported attempting suicide compared to 0.6 percent of other Missouri collegians. […]

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Interim session causes confusion

March 6, 2014

Truman State’s Institute for Academic Outreach is looking to raise awareness about interim courses and workshops after a recent study by a Truman marketing class showed students don’t understand what interim sessions are and how they work.
The surveys showed students don’t understand the difference between interim courses and interim workshops, or how to register for them, said Kevin Minch, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs.
Minch said business professor Datha Damron-Martinez taught the course, which focused on collecting data and doing surveys. He said the team of students administered two surveys to measure student understanding of interim sessions. […]

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Campus smoking ban passed

February 20, 2014

The Truman State Board of Governors passed a campus-wide smoking ban which will go into effect during July 2015.
The ban includes tobacco, smoking products and electronic cigarettes, said sophomore Matt Cooper, Student Senate President.
Cooper said the Academic Affairs and Student Affairs committee worked on the ordinance before it was presented to the Board.
Senior Michael Bushur said health-science professor Carolyn Cox pushed for a smoke-free campus. Bushur said Cox presented medical issues associated with first and second-hand smoke, emphasizing the impact of smoking on the student body.
Bushur said designated smoking sections will not be available, but might be reconsidered during the future. […]

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Examining sexual assault at Truman

February 18, 2014

Sexual assault is a major issue at college campuses throughout America, and surveys from Truman State students show it is an issue affecting many students here as well. […]