Basketball teams head to postseason

February 25, 2021

For the past several months, athletes across the country have been wondering what their seasons are going to look like or if they’re even going to have a season. Truman State University men’s and women’s […]


Truman professor documents life with wearable camera

November 18, 2018

Psychology professor Mark Hatala has been using a wearable camera to document his life since May 2014. The camera he wears, and sometimes sets on a shelf or other surface, takes a photo every 30 seconds.

Hatala said the venture is part of a research movement called the “Quantified Self,” in which a person uses technology like a camera or a Fitbit to measure various aspects of their life, like how often they eat a certain food. If he wanted to, Hatala said, he could see every meal he has had in the past four years. […]


Truman’s Halloween festivities

October 30, 2018

It’s the middle of October, campus is ablaze with autumn’s auburn leaves and the howling wind sends shivers right through you, igniting your desire to sip a warm beverage while you watch “Halloweentown” for the hundredth time.

It can be difficult to satisfy the craving for some fall festivities, especially when classes and responsibility are weighing heavy on your mind. Thankfully many at Truman State University understand this circumstance, and some have set out to help.