Our View: Stay safe in Kirksville

With the ongoing search for the man who authorities say is suspected to have shot and dismembered a Kirksville community member, it may be difficult to feel safe in Kirksville right now.

Kirksville is a small town, and with that often comes a feeling of safety, when compared to the larger cities close to here. However for some, these feelings of safety have been shaken from the recent manhunt. Many students at Truman State University come from larger cities.

Seeing that violent crimes can even happen in small communities such as Kirksville can be shocking. It must be noted that violent crimes are not normal for Kirksville. The majority of the time, Kirksville is a very safe community, which is why this recent crime is shocking. As an editorial board, we believe that we can still feel safe here in Kirksville, but some precautions must be taken.

It is important to stay tuned in to local authorities to hear about any alerts that you might need to be aware of. Additionally, be safe when walking outside at night and bring a friend along if possible. There is always more safety in numbers. Also, be sure to see what tips local authorities have to stay safe. Stay updated with where it is safe to go, such as making sure it’s safe to visit Thousand Hills before you go.

We also believe it is important for Truman students to be made aware of these kinds of situations. While authorities cannot always release all the information , it can be helpful to ease the minds of students if they are kept in the loop as much as possible. Several members of the editorial board, including one living in Kirksville, were unaware of this situation unfolding. Keeping students and faculty informed is an important part of being able to stay safe while situations like this occur.

As always, we must remember that our first priority is to stay safe. Being aware of your surroundings can be helpful in many situations. Bring along a friend when walking outside, especially at night and make sure someone knows where you’re going when you leave. It is important to look out for your peers as well. Also be aware of where your local authorities are located and how to contact them.