The importance of fine arts

With COVID-19 turning people’s lives upside down, many have learned what is most important to them and hold it close to their hearts. One thing many have continued to value is the fine arts. Because of COVID-19, dance classes went virtual, choirs found bigger masks and bands spread out. We, the Index Editorial Board, think the fine arts have been crucial to the revival of normalcy during a time of uncertainty and hope it continues to flourish. 

Truman State University is a liberal arts school and allows its students to enrich themselves in the fine arts community. There are nearly 80 options of fine arts classes ranging from Art 101 to colorguard, and over 15 clubs specifically dedicated to fine arts. All of these have the opportunity to promote elevated critical thinking and cultural exposure. 

During 2020, many of these classes and clubs had to find a different way to function, but that didn’t stop them from continuing to promote the arts. Some had to go virtual while others had to find a way to space themselves out on the Quad, but they always found a way.

 Several members of the editorial board have had classes either cancelled or delayed to other semesters because of the inability to perform in a virtual format. The dedication to finding alternative ways of teaching fine arts shows they have real value. 

After a year of socially distanced performances, Truman’s theatre students have excitedly prepared for their performances, such as the upcoming “Much Ado about Nothing,” covered by staff writer Kennedy Cooper, which they are looking forward to sharing Nov. 10-13. 

Along with this, The Society of Dance Arts is performing Nov. 13 and 14. In this issue, staff writer Sydney Ellison wrote an exciting preview of the performance. Apart from dance, there are also band concerts, art gallery exhibits, choir concerts and more happening this month.  

All of these fine arts provide the opportunity for indulgence in an irreplaceable experience for students, faculty and staff. Those who participate get the opportunity to learn about cultural differences and creativity while those in attendance view many types of artistic expression. 

We feel that without the ability to express creativity through fine arts, students would lack appreciation for diversity. Being involved in the fine arts can cause students to learn a lot of things they otherwise wouldn’t have had access to.

Involvement in the fine arts is easy to come by. There are choirs you don’t have to audition for, art classes you can take at any time and technological arts for those who don’t want to be on stage. 

Any experience you want to gain from the fine arts, you will find. It is a learning lab where mistakes are encouraged and where all people are welcome.