Drag Queens rule the stage

Students filled the Baldwin Hall Auditorium Friday night to see two drag queens, Crystal Methyd and Rock M. Sakura, perform. 

The queens lip-synced and danced three songs each and answered questions during the Q&A segment. The event was free for students, and the Student Activities Board sponsored the event. 

Both queens were on Season 12 of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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Methyd, who is from Springfield, Missouri, said growing up in an area where drag performances were uncommon meant she could develop her own style of drag without outside competition and influence.

“You know there wasn’t a lot of venues to perform back home that wasn’t like, dominated by a pageant scene,” Methyd said. “And so after I got kicked out from a local bar, being the little rebel that I am, I started going out to all the straight bars, and then eventually … all my drag shows were in typically straight venues, and then, I feel like that just really helped my town be more open minded and progressive, and since I’ve been on the show, there’s even more drag going on back home.” 

Methyd said she was inspired when she was a kid by an art teacher who would dress in a very colorful and fun way. Methyd hopes to inspire others in the same way she was inspired. 

Sakura, who is from San Francisco, California, said there was a lot more pressure to become a different type of drag queen than she wanted to be. 

Both of the queens gave advice to the students in attendance. Methyd said students should be authentic and true to themselves.

“If I have any advice for any of you guys that either want to do drag or want to perform or anything that sticks out like YouTube or TikTok,” Sakura said. “Whatever thing, do the stuff that you want to do, and the people who love and admire the things that you like as well will find you.” 

Sakura said she realizes not everyone is in a situation to come out, whether at home, school or work.

“…save up every bit of wonderful, amazing, fabulousness, or just like hope or joy or ambitions you have for the future, save it up. Keep it with you,” Sakura said. “Let it well up inside you and just let it drive you to your next endeavor, to your goals, to your dreams, let it manifest in your heart, let it manifest in the way that you treat others every single day, let it manifest in the way that you meet other queer poeple and you interact with others, really live with empathy and just share your joy with other people.”

“I’ve had a lot, a lot, a lot of dark times in my life, a lot of times where I haven’t been able to be myself, haven’t been able to like, eat everyday, sustain myself, be in a safe place,” Sakura said. “And now that I’m here right now, the only thing I ever want to do is spread that joy and positivity wherever I go.”

Junior Jonathan Lee, who was in attendance, said the performance was a great experience, “I personally want to do drag at one point in my life. I like doing makeup, so like, I want to get to that point at some time. I thought it was really cool and a good experience.”

Sophomore Valentina Bostick, also in attendance, said the environment was very friendly and welcoming, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Though she wasn’t familiar with drag performances before, she was pleasantly surprised by the show, and her expectations were met without fail. Her favorite part was when Sakura came out in a blue dress, she said that particular number was funny, and the outfit was beautiful. 

“I thought it was really entertaining, it was really fun. The drag queens were very good at hyping up the crowd and making sure it was a very fun and lovely experience,” Bostick said.