Top 5 day trips to make out of Kirksville

A smaller town like Kirksville can get repetitive or boring at times. Some days, an adventure is needed when the city limits seem just a little too small. A day trip away could help you reset and relax after too many days working on assignments. These day trips are great with friends or by yourself. 

  1. Jefferson City

Visit Missouri’s capital for a day. Just past Columbia, this city is about a two-hour drive away. Leave early in the morning and have plenty of time to explore all the city offers. Take a tour of Missouri’s capital building, then grab lunch at a local restaurant. There are plenty of museums to choose from or hike on a nearby trail. 

  1. Des Moines

About two and a half hours away, Des Moines is my favorite option for a day trip. Grab some boba and visit the sculpture park. The Iowa Women of Achievement bridge and surrounding riverwalk is a great way to fill a few hours. Plenty of local restaurants and bars to grab a bite to eat. Then, pick up some Amish ice cream on the way back.

  1. St. Louis

On the longer side about three hours away, is St. Louis. It makes up for its distance by having a variety of free activities. The art museum, zoo and Forest Park are all free. Those three activities could take up the whole day, and there is still plenty more St. Louis has to offer. Get some great Italian food from The Hill or see the Missouri skyline from the Arch.

  1. Kansas City

Also on the longer side, three hours away is Kansas City. There is plenty to do here as well. Plenty of shopping, including high end stores. There are also museums and great parks to have a picnic.

  1. Columbia

Another great place to go on a day trip is Columbia. Only an hour and a half from Kirksville, the drive is manageable. This city is also a college town, so Truman students can fit in. Grab some pizza from Shakespere’s Pizza or another local restaurant. Columbia has plenty of local music venues to spend time at.