Students rate Roma Italian Kitchen: a new Italian restaurant in Kirksville


Located just past Walmart at 2910 North Baltimore street with exterior decorations that might fool some into thinking it’s a Mexican restaurant, is the new Roma Italian Kitchen. Opened in June of this year, Roma creates a new addition to the culinary diversity of Kirksville. Although the restaurant has been open for some time, as the 2023 school year begins, many students are trying out Roma for the first time. To help those who have yet to experience the Italian kitchen, freshmen Kate Powell and Shelby Wankum share their opinions on the new restaurant.

Shelby’s Ranking: 4/5 stars

Wankum dined at Roma with her friends on a Tuesday evening and ordered the lobster ravioli. She said the food was very well seasoned and had a lot of good flavors, but her positive dining experience was more than the food.

“[The environment] was really good,” Wankum said. “[The decor] felt very homey. The waitress and everyone else was really nice. It was a good experience.”

Wankum said she would probably go there again during her time at Truman. She highly recommends the bread served before the meal, the spinach artichoke dip and the tiramisu. 


Kate’s Ranking: 3/5 stars

Powell had the bread and fettucini alfredo during her dining experience at Roma. She said she did not like the fettucini alfredo because it was too peppery and oily. 

“The cheese bread was amazing,” Powell said. “The alfredo was oily, which made my stomach hurt later, so I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Despite the oily pasta, Powell plans to return and try something different. She said she is excited to see an Italian restaurant because Truman students now have another dining option in Kirksville.

“[Truman students] need more variety,” Powell said. “They can’t always go to the Mexican restaurants.”