Truman State University Film Festival gives awards to student filmmakers

For those who couldn’t make it to the first annual Truman State University Film Festival last Saturday, you missed out. The event was a tremendous success, and the Baldwin Little Theater was packed to the gills with enthusiastic attendees.

From your friendly neighborhood movie reviewer, here’s a brief rundown of the award winners.

  • Best Picture: “The Cult of Gabe,” a hilarious mockumentary about a new Kirksville cult with a reluctant leader.
  • Best Directing: “Burn it Down,” a dark comedy featuring a fire-obsessed hipster.
  • Best Screenplay: “Undercover Landlord,” another mockumentary featuring Matt Ragsdale as a laid-back stoner.
  • Best Editing: “Awaken,” an ambiguous, violent slice of science fiction.
  • Best Cinematography: “Star Crossed,” a poetic look at the Kirksville community.
  • Best Sound: “Forget About It,” a comedy about an argument over lasagna turned deadly.
  • Best Acting: “Hex Education,” a sci-fi film featuring powerful magic and immature college students.
  • The Vincent Price People’s Choice Award: “Hex Education,” a sci-fi that cast a spell to win two awards from the Truman State University Film Festival.